The Video Asset Description (VAD) Project

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What is a VAD?
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Introduction to VAD

The VAD project is developing a standards-based XML format for describing video assets such as documentaries, lectures, student-created productions, and commercial feature films.

A VAD can be used as the basis for customized video playback (CVP). An example of CVP is the presentation of a series of video clips, detailed in a VAD, to show the development of a character in a film. The file could first be analyzed by a film specialist who creates a VAD where each segment is annotated to indicate how it is relevant to character development. Then various selective playback applications can be built based on the same VAD. With appropriate software tools, the development of a selective playback application can be substantially easier and faster when based on a VAD than when developed directly from a raw video asset.

Another example of CVP is the presentation of video clips that have been annotated to support language learning. In this case, a VAD can include vocabulary, culture, and grammar notes.